Sponsoring a day of programming is one of the most truly personal ways you can support the ministry of WCSG. A Daysponsorship allows you to honor a spouse, friend or loved one, for any reason or to mark any occasion.

Your Daysponsorship includes a customized radio "spot" (up to :60 seconds in length) that airs a total of ten times on your special day. It's like sharing an "open air greeting card" with thousands of WCSG listeners -- both here in West Michigan and around the world through

Your Daysponsor gift of $1,200 (with a $100 deposit) represents almost 20% of what it costs to operate WCSG each day, but the return on investment for listeners is invaluable.

We are continually amazed at how the Lord uses one single day of programming to touch one single listener (at a time) with His grace and transforming love. Often, it's "just the right song at just the right time" that is used by the Holy Spirit to draw a listener into a more meaningful walk with the Lord.

When you sponsor a day on WCSG, you allow these kinds of faith-building moments to continue. You also bestow a well-worded blessing upon someone you love -- for all to hear. WCSG is faith based radio ministry. We operate one, single day at a time, thanks to you!